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BlinkID Scanner


BlinkID Scanner is a demo application of BlinkID scanning library (SDK) developed by Microblink team.BlinkID Scanner is intended for developer use and NOT for general purpose use!
BlinkID is a mobile vision SDK that integrates into your existing mobile app to provide the functionality of extracting data from identification documents using camera of your mobile device. Instead of manual data entry, identification documents can be scanned in only a few seconds.
Features:* ID card scanning standards: - Passports and IDs that contain Machine Readable Zone according to ISO/IEC 7501 standard - United States' Driver's License barcodes - United Kingdom's Driver's Licence's front side - Malaysian identity card's front side* Speed & accuracy* Works offline (no internet connection needed)* Flexibility: easy to integrate API* Supports entry level mobile phones (even some without auto-focus camera)* Typical scanning in 500 ms
BlinkID SDK can be used in various industries and in many different situations. Some of the most common use cases include scanning of the personal documents at the entrance of the building as a part of access control solutions for government agencies, banks and more, check-in process in hospitality or healthcare, filling up online forms via mobile apps or signing up/registering for different services where additional security check is needed. BlinkID with its features like speed and accuracy replaces the need for manual data input in described use cases and many others where personal document identification is needed.
If you like it, check for downloads, source code on GitHub, help, pricing and more information on our web site:
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